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Bold.dk is Denmark's largest Soccer website.

Bold.dk has over 325.000 unique visitors per month according to Gemius. (see fdim.dk). 

We offer a wide range of advertising opportunities and creative possibilities.

For your convinience, we have gathered the advertising information on the following two pages. Here you are able to se the price, inventory and material specification for the advertising possibilities on bold.dk.

Front-page advertising opportunities

Other advertising opportunities

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Special offers

Buy bold.dk front page for DKK 25.000 per day  Unique visitors 50.000 - 60.000 per day

Newsletter Sponsorship - distributed to 18000 subscribers. Contact for rates. [All sold out at the moment]

Prices for odds-comparison, contact our sales manager at details below.

Advertising is sold on the industry-standard CPM basis. This stands for cost-per-thousand page impressions (M is for mille in Latin).

We can serve these advertisements to ensure you reach a maximum audience by limiting the frequency to one banner advertisement per user session.

All prices quoted are in DKK (Danish Kroner). Special section sponsorships and packages are available - contact bold.dk on sales@bold.dk