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4. jan. 2013 16:10

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

@ FF17...
The Liga MX year in review

The year 2012 will always be remembered in Mexican soccer as the one El Tri shed the shackles of underachievement and threw down the gauntlet to the footballing world by winning the Olympic gold medal.

But domestically too it has been a year of change, with the establishment of the Liga MX, the return of the Copa MX, Chivas’ ongoing saga, Carlos Slim´s arrival in Mexican soccer and much more.

In this review, we look at the top six themes of 2012 in Mexico’s domestic game:

Primera Division to the Liga MX

Billed as Mexico’s big Premier League moment, the details that finally came out regarding the restructuring of Mexican soccer were disappointing, to say the least.

The separation of the Mexican soccer federation (FMF) from the clubs was the main story, but an important opportunity to cleanse the game of some of its ills was missed in favor of clubs garnering a few extra pesos.

Lingering problems like the Gentlemen’s Pact, multi-ownership of teams and an antiquated relegation system continue.

The Copa MX

Alfredo el "Loco" Frausto’s name will forever be etched on the Apertura Copa MX, after the goalkeeper scored the equalizing goal and then the winning penalty for Dorados de Sinaloa in a sensational final against Correcaminos.

In general, the return of the cup has been positive for the Mexican game and has offered second division teams and youngsters the chance to shine.

However, poor attendances at first division stadia have hampered the competition, which relies on the big teams taking it in full seriousness.

The dominance of the northerners

The year 2012 saw another two teams from the north of Mexico crowned champion of the first division, with Santos Laguna winning the Clausura championship and Club Tijuana the Apertura.

Monterrey added to the northern teams´ trophy haul by winning the CONCACAF Champions League for the second straight year.

Looking ahead, the trend shows little sign of changing. Tigres have strengthened with new signings, as have Santos Laguna, while Monterrey continue to be strong. Expectations at Club Tijuana have also risen considerably.

The upstarts

Another theme this year has been the rise of the two most recently promoted clubs, Leon and Tijuana. The two met in the semifinal last season and have been a breath of fresh air to the league.

Both are located in one-club towns with a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase and sell out their stadiums with regularity.

As previously noted in this column, the contrast with certain other Liga MX clubs (Queretaro, San Luis, Puebla, Atlas) is huge and begs the question of whether opening up the promotion and relegation system would produce a better quality league.

Turmoil at Chivas

The comings and goings, ups and downs, declarations, retractions and about-turns that have turned Mexico’s most storied club Chivas into its own telenovela this year has been one of the highlight/lowlights (delete as appropriate) of 2012.

The signing of Johan Cruyff as advisor offered hope for Chivas fans, but poor results under Dutch coach John Van’t Schip led to the sacking of the former earlier this month.

There has also been an change in policy on signing veteran players, a slight opening to foreign internationals (which was firmly closed the next day), as well as the ongoing saga over the magnificent Estadio Omnilife that is regularly, as Twitterers would put it, #ForeverAlone.

In comes Carlos …

Forget the Arab oil merchants and Russian oligarchs. The richest person to enter the world of soccer this year was Carlos Slim, the globe’s wealthiest person.

Slim purchased a 30 percent stake in Group Pachuca, which owns first division clubs Leon and Pachuca and then completed the purchase of second division outfit Estudiantes Tecos earlier this month.

The repercussions have not been fully felt, aside from Leon games being shown on Fox, thus breaking the duopoly TV Azteca and Televisa had on showing games in Mexico.

One suspects that a man of his ilk has some big plans for 2013 and beyond.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo

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4. jan. 2013 16:36

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Batistuta har sagt op i Colón, angiveligt grundet personlige årsager...

Batistuta no es más mánager de Colón

SANTA FE -- Gabriel Batistuta presentó su renuncia como secretario técnico de Colón de Santa Fe, según confirmó el vicepresidente del club, Rubén Moncagatta.

El dirigente explicó que el exdelantero, goleador histórico del seleccionado argentino, "por razones particulares no va a seguir más en Colón".

Moncagatta confirmó de esta manera una serie de rumores que daban cuenta del alejamiento de Batistuta.

En diálogo con radio Universidad de Santa Fe, el vicepresidente "sabalero" señaló que Batistuta "no dispone de las horas necesarias como querría, entonces por razones particulares es lo mejor".

"Nosotros estamos muy agradecidos por el trabajo que realizó, fue muy importante", dijo Moncagatta, quien añadió que "el Bati sabe que las puertas están abiertas, el alejamiento no es algo que naciera de nosotros, pero entendemos que a veces hay cuestiones personales que son prioritarias".

La gestión de Batistuta se extendió por poco más de un año y en una de las decisiones que influyó fue en la contratación del actual técnico, Roberto Sensini, quien continuará en el cargo, según confirmó Moncagatta.

og River er startet op igen, efter juleferien med en enkelt forstærkning....

River arrancó con Vangioni y Román

BUENOS AIRES -- Con Ramón Díaz al frente y tres caras nuevas, aunque sólo una de ellas es un refuerzo, River comenzó su pretemporada en el Monumental. Adalberto Román regresó al club, luego de haberse ido a préstamo, rechazado por su papel en el descenso. También volvió Mauro Díaz. Y el lateral Leonel Vangioni tuvo su primera práctica como jugador millonario.

El Pelado además incluyó a cinco juveniles para trabajar a la par del resto: Augusto Solari (debutó con Almeyda), Sebastián Silgueiro, Esteban Espíndola López, Tomás Martínez, Federico Andrada y Héctor Vega. Dos más, como Mauro Díaz y Matías Kranevitter, se sumarán luego de competir en el Sudamericano Sub 20, al igual que Juan Iturbe, de concretarse el préstamo en los próximos días.

El plantel viajará el lunes próximo a Tandil, en donde estará hasta el 22 realizando la parte más exigente de la pretemporada.

El equipo de Ramón Díaz jugará el primer amistoso de la pretemporada el sábado 12 de enero ante Independiente, en Mar del Plata, luego lo hará contra Boca (19) y Racing (24), todos en Mar del Plata. En Córdoba jugará el 2 de febrero ante los xeneizes, pero antes, el 29 de enero, se cruzarán en Mendoza.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo


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4. jan. 2013 17:28

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Nice one....

South American football in 2012: A retrospective

Hemorrhoids! Old men fighting! Skills! It´s time for Rupert Fryer´s annual South American football retrospective! Wahey! Magic.

2012 has been another wonderful year for South American football. Here’s a quick look at the best, worst, weirdest and wackiest of the year.

Best Fights

Once again, there’s been a few. 36 players saw red in Paraguay; 16 were dismissed in Uruguay. All fun and games, but Cerro Porteno vs Colon and Sao Paulo vs Tigre took things too far.


Worst Fight

Caruso Lombardi has never taken criticism well. So when things weren’t quite working out for him at San Lorenzo, Fabian Garcia - assistant to Lombardi’s predecessor Leonardo Madelon – voicing doubts over his ability to steer the club away from the drop zone was the tipping point. Lombardi raced out of a radio station to confront his aggressor on the streets of Buenos Aires, and what followed was perhaps the worst street fight of all time.…e4VfE3XlSMo

Worst Injury

2012 was squeaky bum time for everyone at River Plate as the club battled to regain their place in Argentina’s first division. Leo Ponzio was one of the few that showed his commitment to the cause by taking a significant pay cut to return home and help out. The extent of that commitment was made clear one June afternoon against Boca Unidos: “I had been fine but after a move that threw me to the ground, I opened myself more than usual and I started to feel the blood. I felt that something had broken.” It had indeed. His hemorrhoids had burst.

Best Climax

Flamengo were staring group stage elimination from the Copa Libertadores in the face. All they could do was beat Lanus and hope. They were leading at half time when Ronaldinho strolled off the field (promptly telling a waiting journalist he didn’t want to know what was happening elsewhere; “It’s 1-0 to Olimpia,” came the reply, as a visibly miffed and perplexed Ronnie headed for the changing rooms). With fifteen minutes to go, Fla two up but heading out. Then a roar broke out around the stadium. Emelec had scored. Fla were going through. It was party time. Said fiesta lasted all of 21 minutes as Emelec promptly went 2-1 up. Fla were out. At the final whistle they stood alone on an empty pitch, heads bowed. But just as they turned to leave, another cheer rang around the stands – Pablo Zeballos had stabbed home a corner in Asuncion. Olimpia had equalised. 2-2! Vagner Love set off on an impromptu lap of honour. Others joined him. 12,000 Fla fans went wild. They’d done it. Then they stopped. Then everyone stopped. Vagner Love’s look of joy was replaced by one of tear-streaming anguish as news filtered through that Emelec had only gone and raced up the other end and scored again. The fate of three teams had changed three times in five minutes.…GrJh1UCKhkY

Best Skills

Young Bernard truly announced his arrival on the scene with this. Riquelme proved he’s still got it against Flu. Neymar continued to invent a new trick every week, and bring out the old ones, though some appreciated the show more than others.…LbWG1RYYwRk…n5vzepTP2HQ…DgVMFhvcLVc…2wUCDLaHqjU

Best Name

What’s in a name? Not much as far as Botafogo’s John Lennon is concerned – he doesn’t even like the Beatles. Honourable mentions go to Atletico Goianiense’s Mahatma Gandhi and The Strongest’s Pablo Escobar, who banged in six goals in a single match last month.

Best Theft

Ronaldinho’s brother and agent was pretty pissed off that the former World Player of the Year’s wages hadn’t been paid by Flamengo, so he did what most of us would do under the circumstances: grabbed a bunch of merchandise from the club shop and told the cashier to send the bill to the club. As he waddled out of the door with as much kit as he could carry, however, he suddenly remembered he needed a couple of bath towels, for which, bizarrely, he popped back in and paid for.

Best Barra Bravas defence

Cross your average football hooligan with the cast of Goodfellas and you’re somewhere towards understanding Argentina’s barra bravas. They’ve been with us for a long time, but few of us were aware just how long until Boca Juniors vice-president Juan Carlos Crespi took us all to school in November. “That story about barras comes from way back,” he said. “I tell you what: I think Jesus Christ had barras around him. The apostles were his barras, and they would preach to people to believe in Christianity.” It was quite a revelation. But then he had to ruin it by something stupid: “We don’t have barra bravas at Boca.”

Worst Team Performance: Bolivar

Good God they were awful.…ZgMFAsmohdo

Best dressing room bust-up: Teo’s getting his gun.

In my mind, this played out like this (go to 30:55)

Worst transfer: Hulk to Zenit.

Fair to say that one hasn’t gone according to plan.

Best transfer: Ronaldinho to Atletico MG.

Fair to say this one has, however.

Biggest overreaction

Universidad San Martin weren’t too pleased with the idea of a player strike in Peru, so they sacked their entire playing staff and withdrew their league membership. They were later reinstated.

Biggest balls: Raul Ruidiaz

The young Peruvian clearly wasn’t fazed by the prospect of stepping up to the spot in what was the biggest game of his life.…u7RU6Eqs_o0

Best Comeback

Salvador Cabanas.

Best Penalty

Fair to say former Manchester City striker Felipe Caicedo wasn’t too pleased about being forced to take his penalty from a hole in the ground. Even scoring the rebound didn’t cheer him up.…6XaSJr8a9rE

Goals of the year

Elkeson’s volley; Juan Carlos Mariño’s screamer; Martinez’s thunderbolt; Rafael Robayo’s wonder strike; Osvaldo goes solo; Chiqui Meza’s caño; Marco Antonio’s volley; Gastón Mealla’s scorpion kick; Neymar’s top 5.…AECWyEQWSnY…nvvOn9itrCA…b5NW_7oPXZ8…0pPk2pbitxo…h4zgoc_7jAo…Ob-fY0aQp9E…PXPHoukI2tc…ydAAbf0y4l8…cuXViaTc3xc

Best Team

Corinthians finally shed their tag of the 100 year-old virgins with July’s Copa Libertadores victory over Boca Juniors, and promptly followed it up by doing away with Chelsea in Japan.

Best coach

Tite – hard to argue with a Copa Libertadores and a World championship.

Most tragic exit

Former Bayern Munich defender Breno is clearly a troubled young man, and it’s hard to find his punishment following what was a surely a call for help anything but draconian. Thankfully, it looks like he may be back sooner than expected.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo


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Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Fed opsummering.

Caruso Lombardi, ham må man elske.
En gyser er at holde med flagermus og ulve.

Følg med på Twitter (@VCF__Nordic) & podcast (Valencia Weekly).
Deportivo FAS
4. jan. 2013 19:44

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Jejejeje - sådan er det når passionen tager over, Boca´s Vice præsident virker nu også som lidt af et blålys.....:-)

iøvrigt El loco forhandler med Nacional...

Abreu negocia su regreso a Nacional

RÍO DE JANEIRO -- El delantero uruguayo Sebastián "Loco" Abreu, que actualmente juega en el Botafogo brasileño, ha iniciado negociaciones para un eventual regreso a Nacional de Montevideo, confirmó su representante.

"Todavía no hay nada definido, pero hay una posibilidad", declaró a Lancenet Jorge Chijane, agente del veterano futbolista uruguayo, aunque matizó que Abreu "aún tiene contrato con el Botafogo" hasta agosto de 2014.

No obstante, el club carioca ya ha anticipado que no cuenta con el delantero uruguayo para esta temporada y que podría ocurrir lo mismo que sucedió el año pasado, cuando a mitad de la liga brasileña fue cedido por seis meses al Figueirense, que finalmente cayó a la Segunda división.

Abreu, de 36 años, se encuentra actualmente en Montevideo de vacaciones y era esperado hoy en Río de Janeiro para el inicio de la pretemporada del equipo carioca, pero, según dijeron fuentes del Botafogo a Lancenet, ha sido liberado para permanecer en la capital uruguaya otros cuatro días.

Ese permiso ha sido otorgado para que el jugador "pueda definir su futuro con Nacional".

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo

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4. jan. 2013 19:53

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

så lidt Transfer updates fra Brasilien...

....Skidt Fla ikke skrev med ham...

Fluminense announce Wellington Silva capture

Fluminense have officially announced the signing of right-back Wellington Silva from Resende, following the completion of the player´s loan spell at rivals Flamengo.

Wellington, 24, joins the Brasileirão champions on a three-year contract and becomes their second signing of the summer window, following the earlier addition of Naútico forward Rhayner.

The Tricolor Carioca will purchase 50% of the player´s economic rights as part of the transfer, with Resende retaining 34% and Flamengo owning 16% since their loan signing of the player last season.

“I need to win over the Fluminense fans with my play and show more than when I was at Flamengo,” the player told reporters. “If I play well, show that I am a fighter and win titles, then I will win the affection of the crowd.”

Fluminense have agreed to pay R$2 million for the player (€800,000), as well as loaning Resende three players to compete in the Rio de Janeiro state championship.

Cruzeiro president confirms four signings: Goulart, Lucca, Paulão and Everton Ribeiro

Cruzeiro president Gilvan de Pinho Tavares confirmed the arrival of four players at the club on Friday, announcing the capture of attacking midfield trio Ricardo Goulart, Lucca and Éverton Ribeiro, as well as centre back Paulão.

The signings of Ricardo Goulart and Lucca (pictured) had been considered close to completion for some time and both deals are likely to see players heading in the opposite direction.

Goulart arrives on a permanent deal from Goiás, with full-back Marcos and midfielder Diego Arias likely heading to the newly promoted side. Lucca, meanwhile, arrives on loan with an option to buy at a later date, with Diego Renan, Gilson, Amaral and Fabinho all likely to head to Criciúma in exchange.

Éverton Ribeiro´s arrival from Coritiba was all but confirmed by the player´s agent earlier on Friday afternoon, while the signing of Guangzhou Evergrande defender Paulão had been rumoured in recent days. The club will purchase 60% of Ribeiro´s ownership, while the details of Paulão´s signing are yet to be confirmed.

“The two have already agreed with us and will join the rest of the players on Monday,” president Tavares confirmed to UOL Esporte. “We closed a deal with Coritiba and with the player today [Friday] and all is agreed for his arrival. The defender is Paulão. He has already taken medical examinations and will sign a contract with us.

Botafogo looking to sell Fábio Ferreira, Caio and Loco Abreu

Botafogo director Chico Fonseca has confirmed the club are looking to sell Fábio Ferreira, Caio and Loco Abreu ahead of next season.

The three players have all expressed a desire to leave the Rio de Janeiro club and Fonseca is happy to move any player on who doesn’t want to play for Botafogo.

“Fábio was reintroduced [to pre-season] as all the other players from Botafogo were,” he told Lancenet!

“He called me into the room and asked me to be released because he is in talks with another club and I allowed.

“Botafogo is negotiating with some central defenders. Independent of Fábio Ferreira, Botafogo are looking and should bring another player for this position.”

The situation is different with striker Caio, who spent last season on loan at Figueirense, as the player has failed to report for pre-season training and is believed to be close to joining South Korean side Suwon Samsung Bluewings.

“Caio is negotiating with another club outside Brazil. If the player does not want to stay, why the club will force him?”

And veteran Uruguay striker Loco Abreu, who also went on loan to Figueirense last season, is also about to leave the club and it is looking likely that he will return to his homeland.

“Loco Abreu has been requested to report tomorrow because he was negotiating with another club. He asked not to come to Rio today (Friday).

“When I say that, what Loco requested is different from Caio, who said he did not want to play more in Botafogo. Loco was talking with a club in Uruguay.

Botafogo are also looking to get two more players off their books, with strikers Jobson and Willian being told that their futures lie elsewhere.

Palmeiras confident midfielder Marcos Assunção will sign new contract

The Palmeiras board are confident that captain Marcos Assunção will sign a new contract to stay at the relegated club next season.

Assunção, 36, was one of the few players to come out of Palmeiras disastrous campaign in 2012 with any credit and the board are desperate to keep the former Villarreal star at the club as they look to win promotion back to the Brazilian top flight.

“The pre-deadline day of 5th January was established between the parties,” director César Sampaio told Lancenet!

“I´m coming from a conversation with the representative of the athlete. Assunção was here doing some strengthening work. So we have all the gratitude to him. It has a promising scenario for all that close.”

As well as looking to gain promotion this season, Palmeiras will have the Copa Libertadores to deal with and so far have only added goalkeeper Fernando Prass and right-back Aryton to their squad.

However, Sampaio revealed the club are in talks with three player’s that they hope to sign quite soon.

“We are working on three negotiations that are close to a lock. If we talk about the position, will could lose them. We´ve lost players because of it. So we adopt this stance. Other teams have used the information that we are interested to hire other players.”

New signing Negueba compares São Paulo to a European club

São Paulo’s new signing Negueba has been so impressed with his new surrounding’s he has likened it to that of a European club.

Negueba, 20, who joined Ney Franco’s side on 1st January from Flamengo, was keen not to criticise his former employers but was surprised at the difference between the two clubs.

“I had no idea what São Paulo was like,” he told reporters

“It looks like I´m in Europe. The structure, the feeling….. Not disparaging Flamengo, but is quite different.”

Negueba, whose deal is a one year loan with potential to be made permanent, spent most of last season on the bench under coach Dorival Júnior and ended up moving to São Paulo as part of the deal that took midfielder Cleber Santana to Flamengo.

“Flamengo made me and did a lot for me. If today I am Negueba it is thank’s to them. I dislike of talking ill of Flamengo, it is one thing that is boring.”

The youngster will face tough competition as São Paulo already have the likes of Luis Fabiano, Osvaldo, Ademilson and Aloisio, as well as potentially adding Eduardo Vargas and Wallyson to the squad soon.

But in Ney Franco he has a coach with whom he worked under with the Brazil under 20 team and someone who is keen to give young players a chance.

“I am very happy in São Paulo and expecting to be able to help,” he concluded.
Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo

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4. jan. 2013 21:12

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Diego Turnes afviser der har været tale om salgsturne i forbindelse med Passarellas rejse til Europa...

Turnes: "River no salió a vender"

BUENOS AIRES -- El vicepresidente de River Plate, Diego Turnes, afirmó el viernes que su club no anda con "un cartelito vendiendo jugadores por el mundo", desestimando que el presidente Daniel Passarella haya viajado a Europa a tal fin.

"River no salió a vender jugadores como se dice. (Ezequiel) Cirigliano y (Gabriel) Funes Mori son jugadores que siempre son sondeados. (Germán) Pezzella antes de su lesión también fue sondeado. La oferta concreta todavía no llegó y si viene la evaluaremos, pero no estamos con un cartelito por el mundo vendiendo jugadores", expresó el dirigente en declaraciones a Radio 9, AM 950.

De esta manera Turnes intentó dar por tierra aquellos rumores que indicaban que Passarella no sólo viajó a Europa para pasar las fiestas de fin de año y asistir a la entrega del Balón de Oro de la FIFA, sino que intentaba colocar en ese mercado a futbolistas de su club.

En otro orden el dirigente expresó que la negociación por el pase del juvenil del Porto Juan Manuel Iturbe está "muy avanzada", aunque quieren un préstamo por un año e incorporar una cláusula por "el uso de la camiseta de River".

Con respecto a la posibilidad de incorporar al volante de Cerro Porteño de Paraguay Jonathan Fabbro, Turnes aclaró que "si existe la posibilidad de préstamo se harán las gestiones necesarias", aunque recalcó que se trata de una "negociación complicada".

Por otro lado, el dirigente manifestó que el mediocampista Lucas Mugni de Colón de Santa Fe nos fue ofrecido y que Ramón Díaz tampoco lo incluyó en su lista de pedidos.

og Vangioni har altid drømt om at spille for River....

"Siempre soñé con jugar en River"

BUENOS AIRES -- Leonel Vangioni, flamante refuerzo de River Plate, aseguró estar viviendo "un sueño" por su incorporación a la institución `millonaria` y consideró que "es un orgullo" poder estar en el conjunto dirigido por Ramón Díaz en el retorno a los trabajos luego del receso vacacional.

"Jugar en River es algo que siempre soñé. Ojalá sea con mucho éxito porque cada vez que me ponga la camiseta lo voy a disfrutar al máximo", expresó el mediocampista en el marco de una conferencia de prensa desarrollada en el Estadio Monumental, luego del primer entrenamiento del plantel en 2013.

Vangioni, de 25 años y proveniente de Newell`s Old Boys de Rosario, fue uno de los jugadores pedidos especialmente por el entrenador riojano, el más ganador de la historia de River, para este tercer ciclo al frente del conjunto `millonario`.

"Cuando Ramón (Díaz) hizo público el pedido me puso muy feliz. Que te pida un técnico de esa jerarquía es algo que pone bien a cualquiera", enfatizó el oriundo de Villa Constitución, Santa Fe.

Vangioni estuvo acompañado en la conferencia por el vicepresidente de River, Diego Turnes, quien tuvo unas palabras de recibimiento hacia el jugador, y luego firmaron el contrato, de forma simbólica, a la vista de los periodistas.

Justamente, la concreción de su pase fue una de las novelas de fin de año y tomó un alto vuelo mediático cuando hubo algunas declaraciones cruzadas entre su representante, que es su padre, y dirigentes del club, previo al acuerdo económico final.

Sin embargo, el hombre que llegó a la institución de Núnez a cambio de 1.800.000 dólares por el 80 por ciento del pase, le restó importancia a los entredichos y explicó que su deseo era que se sellara la transferencia cuanto antes.

"Yo esperaba que se cierre lo más rápido posible, y se llegó a un acuerdo en tres reuniones", manifestó.

"Por suerte ahora sólo resta pensar en el torneo que viene", detalló Vangioni, quien igualmente admitió que siguió "la campaña de River el torneo pasado".

Por otra parte, `Piri`, como se lo conoce en el ambiente del fútbol, se refirió a sus características de jugador, ya que siempre se desempeñó tanto como volante o lateral por la banda izquierda, debido a que es zurdo.

"Puedo jugar en cualquiera de los dos puestos, estoy a disposición para lo que el técnico necesite", manifestó.

Vangioni viajará el próximo lunes junto al plantel de River hacia Tandil, donde realizarán hasta el 22 de enero la parte más exigente de la pretemporada.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo

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Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Så er det Galo´s tur til at forsøge sig....

Atlético Mineiro make offer for AC Milan forward Robinho - Report

Atlético Mineiro are believed to have made an offer of between €8-9 million to AC Milan for their Brazilian striker Robinho, according to reports in Brazil.

Robinho, 28, has made it clear that he wants to leave the Italian giants and return to Brazil and now Lancenet! are reporting that Atlético president Alexandre Kalil has met with AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani to discuss the move for the former Manchester City and Real Madrid star.

The striker has been linked with a number of Brazilian clubs in the past few months but, after his former club Santos dropped out this week, it looks most likely that his next destination will be Atlético, where he would link up with another former AC Milan star Ronaldinho.

One of the reason’s why finding a club for Robinho has been so tough is down to both the transfer fee demanded by Milan, thought to be at least €10 million, and the wages demanded by the player, who is thought to want at least €4.8 million per year.

For Atlético to afford the deal they will have to get investment from outside the club, money that could come from their sponsor Banco BMG, who are expected to renew their deal with in the coming weeks.

As well as signing Robinho, Atlético are said to still want to resign their former striker Diego Tardelli, who is playing in Qatar with Al-Gharafa, as they look to make a real push for glory in the Brasileirão and the Copa Libertadores.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo


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5. jan. 2013 10:09

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Og dog....

Santos still in talks with Milan over ´complicated´ Robinho deal

Santos Vice-President Odilio Rodrigues has revealed that the club are still in talks with Milan forward Robinho but the negotiations are “complicated”.

Reports circulated yesterday that the Brazilian side had pulled out of talks with the 28-year-old, especially as the club confirmed the capture of Cruzeiro´s Walter Montillo.

However, the administrator has today confirmed that discussions are still ongoing but the deal is complicated.

Rodrigues told ESPN Brasil: "Robinho is a great player. He is an idol at Santos and the crowd love him.

"But we have always said that these are difficult negotiations because of the cost of the player.

"We are talking with Milan, but we´ll have to wait and see what will happen.

"The deal is complicated."

The San Siro outfit managed to secure a move home for Robinho’s former Rossoneri team-mate Alexandre Pato, who joined Corinthians on Thursday, but are having less luck trying to sell their ex-Manchester City man

Botafogo´s Clarence Seedorf: Milan were wrong to walk off

Botafogo midfielder Clarence Seedorf has questioned former club Milan for their stance to abandon Thursday’s friendly with Pro Patria after a number of players were racially abused.

The Rossoneri refused to continue the match as M´Baye Niang, Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng were the victims of racist chants during the match, with the latter stopping play 26 minutes into the game.

However, while the Diavolo have been widely praised for hitting back at the racists, Seedorf is not convinced that was the best response.

The 36-year-old said: "Milan were wrong to leave the field of play. In doing so they gave space to these people who have racist behaviour.

"They should just be identified and kicked out of the stadium. Leave the 90 per cent that were enjoying the match and finish the game.

"If Boateng was able to identify the whole corner, you just kick the whole corner out – that is how I think it should be handled.

"Walking away? Yes, you send a signal. But this has happened more than once and I don´t think it really changes all that much.

"We are just empowering that little group with their behaviour to make this mess."

Seedorf spent 10 years at Milan before leaving the San Siro at the end of the last campaign.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo

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5. jan. 2013 10:12

Sv: Sydamerikansk fodbold i Danmark - hvad mener I?

Ramon bryder sig sig ikke om Bocas spillestil....

"No me gusta el estilo de Boca"

BUENOS AIRES -- El entrenador de River Plate, Ramón Díaz, aseguró hoy que "nunca" lo llamarían para dirigir a Boca Juniors porque, argumentó, tiene un distinto gusto futbolístico que la entidad "Xeneize".

"Nunca me llamarían para dirigir a Boca, a mí no me gusta ese estilo de juego", resaltó el director técnico por Radio 9.

Díaz volvió a decir que quiere que su River "sea protagonista" y "explosivo" en el Torneo Final 2013, y que por eso pidió refuerzos ofensivos.

"Me gustan los desafíos y sé lo que tengo que hacer, estoy seguro de lo que quiero y conozco la mentalidad del hincha", expresó el riojano.

Por otra parte, el entrenador volvió a elogiar las condiciones del mediocampista de Cerro Porteño Jonathan Fabbro y también dijo que le gusta el volante del Inter de Milán Ricardo Alvarez.

"Fabbro tiene jerarquía, ojalá se pueda resolver porque es un jugador que me gusta para nuestro estilo de juego", afirmó el técnico.

Brasil: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Botafogo (100% Carioca) Rio > Säo Paulo


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